Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Key

People might look splendid from outside making you strongly wish to get close to them. Yet so few of which are as splendid from inside.

Many relationships are based on the idea of always meeting your partners’ expectations of you. As they see you charming, nice, kind, etc. so you work hard in order to keep their image of you as such all the time. This applies to colleagues, friends, and second-degree relatives and may be fiancé-fiancée relationships.

On the other hand, it comes to different matters when you are to live entirely with someone and here comes the real bewilderment. It takes courage and risk-taking, contentment, understanding and most of all it takes love essential to add the magic to the recipe of your life together. Without love you wouldn’t get to understand, empathize and adapt to any differences that carry potential crises if you weren’t wise and loving enough to handle.

It’s all about love. It’s love, which makes us see the good good, and the bad can’t be any better. An old proverb says:

" The greatest happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved- loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."
That is exactly the meaning; in short, I’m trying to conduct down here. If we ever get the chance to stand back and notice how people work-out together, we might encounter couples-whether spouses, siblings, friends or whatever- that don’t seem so matching, but they are living together as perfectly as it can be and can’t actually live without one another; even if they don’t really realize that deeply. I bet it’s so.

It’s all because God created us as loving creatures. No one on earth can live without love of whatever kind. It’s the secret of life and the key to all miracles.

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